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Accessibility details


This website has been built to follow current best practice for accessibility of UK Government websites. Many features have been added to aid site comprehension and navigation for users of assistive browsers, some of which are outlined below:

Access Keys

Access Keys provide alternative navigation without using a mouse. The site follows UK Government Access Key guidelines:
0 – Accessibility and Access Key details
1 – Home page
2 – Our communications section containing news releases
3 – Site map
8 – Privacy policy

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To use Access Keys hold down either Alt, Ctrl or Shift (depending on your browser) with the Access Key (listed above) and press the Enter key (if required).


Images have alt text where they add to the comprehension of the page. All trivial images have null Alt text.

Accessibility Rating

Testing of this site was carried out using Bobby on 16 December 2004. It has attained 'AAA' WAI rating with three pages (Legislation FAQs, Email a friend and Site map) attaining 'A' WAI rating.


For information on PDF files and accessibility visit access.adobe.com

External Sites

The Scottish Executive is not responsible for content or accessibility of external links.


Below you will find links to help you tailor your current browser to your needs, alternative browsers or add-ons:

Internet Explorer

Information provided by Microsoft on how to change browser settings.

JAWS screen reader

Download a free trial copy of the screen reader Jaws.

MAGic screen magnification

Information on screen magnification software.


Information provided by Opera on how to change browser settings.


Screen reader with Braille support.

Last date this page was updated: December 2004

Advice on Quitting

Smokeline Scotland
Call 0800 848484
12 noon to 12 midnight, seven days a week.