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Beanscene, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling,
St Andrews

Beanscene, the Scotland-wide coffee house chain, has been operating as a smoke-free environment since its launch in October 1999.

Inspired by the coffee houses of 1960s Soho, Greenwich Village and the Italian quarter of San Francisco, Beanscene is designed to be a ‘home from home’, somewhere for customers to kick back and relax whist enjoying their coffee and the music.


The decision to start out smoke-free was an integral part of the company business plan and has proved to be one of the chain’s key unique selling points.

The rationale behind it is that, in a relatively small and enclosed space, you have to be either smoking or non-smoking. It would be impossible to keep smoke from drifting around the premises.

Managing Director Gordon Richardson said: “To provide what is allegedly a non-smoking area is a non win swim against the tide.”

He added that taking into account the nature of the business, the core brand values and core customer demographic, the decision to be smoke-free was an easy one to make.

Smoke-free has become one of the Beanscene brand’s key messages, demonstrated through a proactive customer feedback policy which shows that the policy in no way deters customers who smoke from enjoying the smoke-free Beanscene atmosphere.

Mr Richardson said the key to making the decision to be smoke-free effectively revolves around having a clear understanding of, and belief in, your business and your customer base – this generates a positive feeling that will have a cascading effect, encouraging staff and customers alike.

Advice on Quitting

Smokeline Scotland
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12 noon to 12 midnight, seven days a week.

Smoking, Health and Social Care Act (Scotland) 2005

Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland) Regulations 2006